Light Search Marinco 24V 100W

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Precision Wireless Controlled Spotlight, 24 Volt, 100W White OEM PackSPL-24W.OEM

The innovative Marinco Precision Wireless Controlled Light addresses the most common issues found in marine-grade spotlights. In doing so it has become the most versatile, durable, consistent and easy-to-use spotlight on the market. Its unique, totally enclosed housing design protects all critical components from moisture, salt, shock and vibration for long-lasting operation. Whether mounted upright or suspended upside down, you get 370 deg sweep rotation and 120 deg tilt (75 deg up, 45 deg down) in a durable IP56 weatherproof housing. Inside, a brilliant 100 Watt H3 Halogen lamp with an optimized parabolic reflector pierces the ultra clear lens to provide a consistent light pattern.

  • Universal 12 & 24 Volt circuit (shipped with 12 Volt bulb installed / 24 Volt bulb included)
  • Replaceable 100W, H3 halogen lamp
  • Double O-ring sealed housing
  • Dual-speed, ultra-quiet motor
  • Easy snap-in mount system
  • Polished Lexan® lens



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